Telephone Cord Detangler, Uvital Anti-Tangle Telephone Handset Cable 360 Degree Rotating Landline Swivel Cord Untangler Black (2 Pack)

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  Telephone Cord Detanglers(2 Pack) Telephone Handset Cords(2 Pack) 1 Pack Handset Cord and 1 Pack Telephone Cord Untangler 2 Pack Handset Cords and 2 Pack Telephone Cord Untanglers Two Way Telephone Splitters(2 Pack) Telephone Landline Extension Cord(2 Pack)
Brand Uvital Uvital Uvital Uvital Uvital Uvital
Color Selection Black, White Black, White Black Black White Black, White
Modular Connector RJ9 4P4C RJ9 4P4C RJ9 4P4C RJ9 4P4C RJ11 6P4C RJ11 6P4C
Package include 2 x Telephone Cord Detangler 2 x Telephone Handset Cord 1 x Telephone Cord Detangler, 1 x Telephone Handset Cord 2 x Telphone Handset Cord, 2 x Cord Detangler 2 x Telephone Splitter 2 x Telephone Landline Extension Cord


  • Handset Cord Untanglers:Uvital telephone cable detangler applies to family or office fixed-line telephones which work with a standard RJ9 telephone line, 4P4C Gague handset coiled cord, such as Cisco phones. But NOT suitable for VOIP phone and RJ45 modular plug
  • Mature Process Tech:The phone detangler uses high-quality materials and gold-plated metal contacts to ensure great connection and sound quality. Use it to extends life of your phone cord and anti-tangle phone cord
  • 360° Rotation Anti-tangle Cords: The Phone Line Detangler automatically rotates 360 degrees to effectively prevent your coiled phone cord from being tangled and messed up, and you would not feel frustrated with entangled cord
  • Easy to Use: Stop untangling twisted telephone cords. With an easy to install phone detangler twisted cords are a thing of the past. Simply snap the detangler between the telephone handset and the cord. The superior design uses an extended cable for compatibility with handsets that have recessed jacks
  • Package Includes:2 x Uvital Telephone Cord Detangler(Black);30 days 100% money back guarantee,18-month replacement warranty,12-hour Customer-friendly Support Service.