Telephone Handset Cord Detangler,Uvital 1 Pack Landline Handset Cord Cable 10Ft Uncoiled(1.2 Ft Coiled) and 1 Pack Anti-Tangle Telephone Cord Untangler 360 Degree Rotating Swivel Cord(Black)

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Anti-tangle Telephone Cord Untangler 360 Degree Rotating Swivel CordThe detangler automatically rotates itself so cords never get tangledIt can be easily installed on the phone and handset without any tools.RJ9 4P4C GagueRJ9 connectors on each End – 4P4C GagueUniversally Compatible with all telephones which feature a RJ9/RJ10/RJ22 (4P4C) jack manufacturers including AT&T, Cisco, NEC, Rolm, ITT, & TieHigh ElasticityHigh-quality Sound with Noise-cancellingExtended length coiled cord grants you more line while working in the office or at home.Package Include:1 x Cord Detangler(Black)1 x Telephone Handset Cord(Black)
Great Helper

Uvital 1 Pack Telephone Handset Cord and 1 Pack Cord Detangler (Black)

Universally Compatible with all telephones manufacturers including AT&T, Cisco, NEC, Rolm, ITT, & Tie

  • Make your phone call and reply more pleasant and convenient.
  • This cable has crystal connectors for clearer communication.
  • Completely strong and durable,easy to install and replace.

Package include: 1 x Cord Detangler(Black) 1 x Telephone Handset Cord(Black) Note: 10 Feet is the distance of the cable uncoiled. The coiled length of this cable is 1.2Feet and is typically used up to 10 feet 

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Color SelectionBlack, WhiteBlack, WhiteBlackBlackWhiteBlack, White
Modular ConnectorRJ9 4P4CRJ9 4P4CRJ9 4P4CRJ9 4P4CRJ11 6P4CRJ11 6P4C
Package include2 x Telephone Cord Detangler2 x Telephone Handset Cord1 x Telephone Cord Detangler, 1 x Telephone Handset Cord2 x Telphone Handset Cord, 2 x Cord Detangler2 x Telephone Splitter2 x Telephone Landline Extension Cord