Telephone Phone Handset Cable Cord,Uvital Coiled Length 1.2 to 10 Feet Uncoiled Landline Phone Handset Cable Cord RJ9/RJ10/RJ22 4P4C(White,2 PCS)

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Telephone Handset Cord,Uvital Coiled Length 1.2 to 10 Feet Uncoiled Landline Phone Handset Cable Cord RJ11 4P4C(White,2 PCS)

Note: 10 Feet is the distance of the cable uncoiled. The coiled length of this cable is 1.2Feet and is typically used up to 10 feet


  • Condition:Brand new.
  • Suitable for coiled telephone analog phone, fax and modems.
  • Structure:Twisted cable with two crystal head and modular plug on both ends.
  • Advantage:Coiled Length 1.2 feet maximum to 10 feet uncoiled,convenient.
  • Usage:connect telephone and extention to handsets.

Universally Compatible with all telephones manufacturers including AT&T, Cisco, NEC, Rolm, ITT, & Tie

  • Make your phone call and reply more pleasant and convenient.
  • This cable has crystal connectors for clearer communication.
  • Completely strong and durable,easy to install and replace.

Package include:

2 x Telephone Handset Cord(White)

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Color SelectionBlack, WhiteBlack, WhiteBlackBlackWhiteBlack, White
Modular ConnectorRJ9 4P4CRJ9 4P4CRJ9 4P4CRJ9 4P4CRJ11 6P4CRJ11 6P4C
Package include2 x Telephone Cord Detangler2 x Telephone Handset Cord1 x Telephone Cord Detangler, 1 x Telephone Handset Cord2 x Telphone Handset Cord, 2 x Cord Detangler2 x Telephone Splitter2 x Telephone Landline Extension Cord