Two Way Telephone Splitters,Uvital Male to 2 Female Converter Cable RJ11 6P4C Telephone Wall Adaptor and Separator for Landline(White,2 Pack)

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2 way Rj11

Uvital Two Way Telephone Splitter, Male to 2 Female Converter RJ11 6P4C

  • Sometimes the jacks are recessed in the case of the VOIP unit.
  • These splitters works great in this situation because it gets the splitter away from the jack a bit with the flexible cable.
  • It can be easily installed on the phone and handset without any tools.
  • Does not affect the sound quality because of the advanced technology and high-quality materials.
Connect way

Great helper to Let your plug 2 phones or devices into a single line :

  • Specially designed 2 Way RJ11 6P4C Splitter lets you plug in 2 phone devices to 1 wall jack. It allows two telephone or modem with US plug to connect to a single US telephone socket
  • They Can use not only telephone but FAX machine with your Ooma VOIP telephony unit;

Package Includes:

2 x Telephone Splitters

Two Way Telephone Splitters(2 Pack)Telephone Landline Extension Cord(2 Pack)RJ45 to BT&RJ11 Secondary SplitterUvital RJ11 Plug 1 to 2 Dual Phone Line SplitterRJ45 to RJ11 Converter AdapterUvital RJ11 Male to dual Female 6P4C Splitter
Color SelectionWhiteBlack, WhiteWhiteWhiteWhiteWhite
Modular ConnectorRJ11 6P4CRJ11 6P4CRJ45 RJ11 6P4CRJ11 6P4CRJ11 6P4CRJ11 6P4C
Package include2 x Telephone Splitter2 x Telephone Landline Extension Cord2 x RJ45 to BT&RJ11 Secondary Splitter2 x Uvital RJ11 Plug 1 to 2 Dual Phone Line Splitter2 x RJ45 to RJ11 Converter Adapter2 x Uvital RJ11 Male to dual Female 6P4C Splitter